Sunday, February 12, 2012

Battle Of the Exes: “Love The Way You Lie” Preview

THE CHALLENGE: BATTLE OF THE EXES is getting good! Next week the teams head back to the lagoon for another round of “Rolling In the Deep”. Check out a sneak peek here! I completely lost y voice this week and am feeling so sick so I am bummed that I was unable to interview the eliminated teams. I do have a special treat – a sneak peek at next week’s episode, “Love The Way You Lie.” Last week two more teams went home. Dustin and Heather were eliminated because Dustin split his knee open on the stairs and required five stitches. Nasty!!they were one of the teams that even the veterans were watching out for. Then, Leroy and Naomi were put up against Ty and Emily, and had no chance IMO. Emily is a beast and they won the elimination round, sending Leroy and Naomi packing. We have a sneak peek at next weeks challenge titled “Love The Way You Lie.” “Tyrie and Jasmine’s partnership comes to an all out war when the two can’t settle their differences. The couples return to the lagoon for a second time and are forced to put their strength and endurance to the test. [...]


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