Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vinny Foti: Battle Of The Exes Interview

As you guys know, i am super amped about MTV’s Battle of the Exes, adn even more excited to interview each team that is eliminated. IT was a double elimination last week, so I got to also interview Vinny! Check it out here. Vinny was a nice guy andreally got into the shiz going on around the house. Somet hings will shock you – like did you know CT still lives with his mom? LOL, well that was news to me. I just can’t picture it! But on to business. here is what went down. We started off talking about how he got himself, and poor Sarah, kicked off the show. Right when they had all the power! Vinny admitted that it was kind of blown out of proportion, but the roles are the rules. So if they cant allow it, they can’t allow it. It seemed like he didn’t are when it was all going down, but it turns out he was just too wasted to know what was going on. I was so drunk, I wasn’t being my normal self. I was so messed up from the night before. We talked it out that night and worked it [...]


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