Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Hit & Run

‘Easy A’ actress Amanda Bynes is repeating history once again.  According to reports the childhood performer has struck yet another car causing an accident.   This time a woman by the name of Kisa is stating that Bynes hit her Toyota Corolla on Venture Boulevard just days ago.  Bynes apparently rear-ended the women’s car and when she was asked for her insurance information she tried to weasel her way out of sharing her identification before driving off in her Black BMW.  Kisa also went on to state that the actress, who she recognized after speaking to her for a short while, looked like “a hot mess”.  A description that seems to match the ‘What I Like About You’ actress who has been landing herself in nothing but negative headlines in recent months with car accidents and strange behavior.   Per TMZ, Bynes decided to take off after allegedly telling the woman she hit that the damage to both of their cars was only minor and did not require repair, while  report state otherwise, Kisa’s Corolla bumper was broken and the BMW had “significant” damage to it. Said to be “nervous”, Bynes did try to push the woman’s bumper back into [...]


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