Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Christian Bale: Hero Off Screen

Can we leave behind the smarmy celebrity stuff for a second? I mean, if you had the money, would you ONLY fill your house with diamonds and glitz, and buy a half-dozen cars…or would you occasionally take the time to reach out to those in need? Recently, Christian Bale didn’t need a utility belt and rocket powered vehicle to show he was a true hero. In fact, he reportedly took it upon himself to make sure a young cancer patient had the time of his life. The actor flew a four-year-old boy who is battling leukemia — and his family — all the way to Disney Land in California where they had lunch at the super exclusive Club 33. Don’t know what that is? Well, I was watching one of those travel shows and it featured the club. It’s actually hidden on the grounds of Disney Land… right on Main Street. It’s cool. It kind of looks like part of the landscape, but then there is a door and a man standing there guarding it. Not just anybody can even get in. You have to be a member, and I think you have to be invited. So Bale brought his family [...]


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