Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Life Is Like A Lifetime Movie..No, Really…

So it seems that every time I go over to my grandmothers house she is watching another Lifetime movie. I don’t mind, who doesn’t like to indulge a bit. I especially love holiday season Lifetime movies! I guess I love them so much because I can relate. Not to the holiday ones, unless they are about family dysfunction and chaos. Well, that is how it used to be anyway. Now I have a fairly normal family, one I created with my husband and our beautiful boys. But it wasn’t always so…peaceful. As a child I grew up in a house of utter dysfunction and drama. My mother had a personality disorder, prescription drug addiction and was physically and verbally abusive. My father worked a lot to avoid her and ran from problems. Nights they were together often ended up with the cops at our house.   I moved out at 17, to said grandmothers house and never looked back. Except to check in on my sister, born 14 years after me. (I also have a brother 5 years younger, but he faced different challenges within the family and we were able to remain close.) Fast forward to 2010 when my [...]

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