Thursday, November 29, 2012

Katt Williams Brings Police On Wild Chase

Comedian Katt Williams is continuing on with his recent law breaking streak.  This time the 39-year old entertainer led police on a 2 minute chase while driving his 3 wheeled Can Am motorcycle through Sacramento up to 35 mph. The pursuit occurred this past Sunday, November 25th, according to The LA Times who detailed Williams wild escapade as taking place through the downtown area where he proceeded to run lights, endangering those around him.  During the chase he reportedly yelled at officers, “I’m not going to stop.” Other reliable news outlets also reported on Williams’ wild chase, sharing that the actor was also causing trouble earlier in the day, driving on sidewalks and scaring pedestrians who feared they would be run over.  In the end police were said to have stopped chasing the actor, who appeared to look “drugged out” per an eyewitness, to end what could have resulted in a fatal outcome. Authorities did state that they planned to press charges against Williams for evading arrest, presenting the case to the Sacramento district attorney’s office..  He is currently dealing with other legal problems as well stemming from previous incidents. Just last month Katt was arrested for assaulting his assistant.  [...]


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