Thursday, November 1, 2012

Taylor Swift Ellen DeGeneres Appearance (Video)

Today on Ellen DeGeneres the famous talk show host decides to torture guest Taylor Swift. Not it a harmful way but a hysterically way that basically mocks the singer’s love life. If you missed the show or won’t be able to watch it, never fear I have the video clip from it right here. It is must see for sure. Taylor is making the rounds to promote her killer new album Red and today she stops by her pal Ellen’s show. Boy was she in for a real treat from her friend. All Swift wanted to do was chat about Red, which she did but Ellen wanted to learn a little bit more about the singing sensation. DeGeneres decided she wanted to play a little game with the girl known for singing about her ex’s and to say it left Taylor a little uncomfortable is an understatement. After teasing Swift about dating her Lorax co-star Zac Efron, Ellen came up with a game that goes like this. In a serious of pictures featuring Taylor and another famous man all the “Safe and Sound” singer had to do was ring a bell if she happened to have dated the guy she [...]


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